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Online slots for free or real money - Atomslots

Online slots are the invention that takes the cake! Known worldwide for being the no. 1 most popular casino game in the world, online slots have brought joy and happiness to the lives of some gamblers and a real fortune to the lives of other more lucky gamblers. The long history of slots games dates back to 1887 when Charles Fey invented the gimmick - the Liberty Bell. You know, the 3 reeled machine diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades and the Liberty Bell symbols.

Fruit machines were also of extreme popularity back in the day, and they weren’t called fruit machines for nothing - they featured symbols such as cherries, melons and limes and offered payouts in the form of fruit flavored gum. Why you ask? In order to avoid prosecution, because gambling was illegal back in the day and thus offering money prizes was prohibited.

FUN FACT: Did you know that the bar symbol you see on the reels is actually the old logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company?

But the prizes that slots offer today are not to be ignored - because they can buy you a whole lot of gum!

Which brings us to the good part - money!

In the vast world of opportunities that online slots provide, you have two main choices:

  • To play online slots machines for free
  • To play online slots for real money

Ok, we know, we know! What does each of them mean? Allow us to explain.


If you choose to play slots for free, there are some pros and some cons - as in all things in life, right?

Let’s start with the pros:
1. You don’t have to invest a dime!
You literally play with the casino’s money! How? Simple - you take advantage of their no deposit bonus offers. Those can be:

  • Welcome bonus -> free spins, free bonus money, free playtime, you name it! What matters is that it’s free and so you get to play with no money invested. No strings attached!
  • Cash up-front bonuses -> more popular than the welcome bonus described above, some casinos offer you a rather small incentive (ranging from $5 to -$25) so that you can try out their games before creating an account. Time is also a form of investment after all, right?

2.You can’t lose money!
You can’t lose money if you never invested any to begin with! So that’s one less worry you can check off your list of day-to-day things to be stressed about.

3.You don’t have to install anything!
That’s another great benefit that I, personally, am very fond of. I just don’t like downloading and installing stuff on my PC if it’s not going to bring me money, so if I can play online I’m going to do it, no questions asked.

Now for the cons:
1.You don’t win anything!
As we said before: you don’t invest a dime; unfortunately, that also means that you don’t win a dime either. Playing online slots for free isn’t financially rewarding, but it is spiritually rewarding. If that’s enough for you – knock yourself out.

2.You don’t have too many options
Free slots aren’t a very vast category. In other words, the best things in life aren’t always free. Sorry, Coco Chanel. In other words, free slots are a few, while money slots are plenty.

Which brings us to the next slots category:



  • You actually win cash

Yes, cash. Not bonuses, not free spins. You also invest some cash, but you also get to withdraw some, and trust us - there’s nothing quite as exhilarating like cashing out your very first well-deserved slots winnings.
And we don’t mean to get you all excited, but in some cases, prizes don’t just consist in cash, but also luxury cruises, luxury cars, luxury everything!

  • You have plenty of slots games to choose from

There are plenty of games to play, unlike free slots. And variety is always a good thing, because if you don’t have options, then what do you have, right?

  • You get to roll with the pros!

Playing online slots for real money also involves rolling with the elite players, and that brings a whole lot of benefits:

  • Special treatment from online casino personnel
  • The opportunity of climbing up the VIP ladder of casinos, and the higher you are, the more generously you’re rewarded
  • The chance to participate in exclusive tournaments and raffles, where only other top-notch players (as yourself, of course) get to participate

We know that by now it might seem impossible for this type of slots play to have any cons, but here they are:

  • You win some, but you may also lose some

We know you already expect this, but we do want you to be 100% aware that this is a real possibility. An unfortunate one, but real nonetheless.

  • You may develop an addictive behavior

No, it doesn’t happen very often, but yes, it is very much possible and a gambling addiction is a force to be reckoned with.

Now that we got you all fired up with this slots craze, allow us to say just this: for free, for money, online slots were made to be played, and that’s just what you should do.
Once you embark on your slots-playing frenzy, we have a kind and simple request for you:


After you win (and you will win!), please come back and tell us your story: how you won, where you won, what game you were playing, what you were eating during, what hand you used to press spin - no detail is boring and no info is too much - TELL US EVERYTHING.

And if you do win thanks to some of the advice we provided you with, please let us know - we all like being praised every once in a while.

Your feedback is the only reward we need, just make sure to not leave us out of the loop.

We, the team behind AtomSlots, consider this type of good news to be the main reason why we’re doing what we’re doing: because we love online casinos and everything about them. Who else are we going to share this type of info with if not with other online slots aficionados as yourselves?

On behalf of our team - good luck and happy spinning! See you in the comments section!